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CreativelyBijou is finally LIVE!

It feels great to finally launch my own creative website! In the past I have been a bit of a wuss in showing off my art, afraid that I would be embarrassing myself showing off chicken scratch and believing it to be "art". Well, chicken scratch is art my folks and so I decided that I did not want that thought process to stop me anymore but rather embrace it and embrace whatever style of art I come up with. I have created different collections, each will revolve around an overarching theme, each theme will be unique and catered to whatever the hell I am interested at the time. These collections are available in a bound book or as individual prints or digital downloads. Some will be strange, others edged in whimsy and some may even be nonsensical, the idea is to continue to explore and grow as an artist using different mediums, themes and challenges and just seeing what my offbeat mind comes up with.

For now I only have prints available but I will also be working on creating illustrated original storybooks and calligraphy designs. I'm keeping it one step at a time and will be sure to let you now when I step into the next dimension.

Until then, keep it #offbeat


#creativelybijou #offbeatart

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