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You Never Know the Future

Cabin Wonderland Original: the story behind the paint

It is crazy to believe this piece found its forever home this year. I began this little fella back in 2018, far before I ever even dreamed of selling any artwork of mine. This started on a cold, winter night when I pulled the coffee table in front of my apartments fireplace and attempted to light some candles and create a large warm fire...which in reality could have been described as measly at best. I had decided to dip my brushes back in the water so to speak after a lengthy hiatus from the acrylic paint world. I was inspired by the winterscapes #RachelPohl (an artist that I had been following on instagram) had been creating. I wanted to make something that embodied the warmth, safety and coziness my own home brought me in the deep claws of winter. My home was the "light" provided to compensate for the laughable excuse of "daylight" in those chilly months. I felt like the magic of the fireplace must be dancing through the chilly night sky and flexing my delight. I didn't have much experience trying to create snow, it was rather vexing the amount of shades of piss-stained snow I had to paint over. All in all it was a lovely evening spent creating something out of nothing. Sadly, after finishing this piece and putting it in some odd hidey hole it lay there forgotten for 2 or 3 years. One of the days I was rummaging amongst my old works I came across this cozy piece and thought I would shoot my shot and hang it up at the brewery I worked at. To my great surprise (and happiness) it was not long after that someone decided to bring it into their own home. This became the very first original piece that I ever sold. I never would have imagined on that chilly night that I was in the midst of creating the very first original piece I would sell. It goes to show how if you take a chance the result may just surprise you.

Thank you so much to all of you that have supported my artwork and taken an interest in this offbeat venture I have created. It means the world to me and I hope that I have helped keep some homes fun, funky and fresh.

As always,

Keep it #offbeat !





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