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The Offbeat Adventures in Art& Design Begin

local artist creativelybijou

I always thought I would be a writer. I spent so many adolescent days hunched over my little wooden desk writing short stories and tales that sprinted from my mind through my scribbling pencil to end up messily dashed across the lines of my paper. I must admit I fancied myself quite the creative penman with harrowing tales of a bubble-gums dreams to surf away as well as essays dedicated to the scrumptious delights of a perfectly baked trifle.

However, in the flurry of hormones, self-doubts and fast changing interests, my pen found itself quite forgotten. It lazed its days away while being called into action only to elaborate the tales my mind had weaved about daily dramas and traumas. The ceaseless log of what had been done to me, what I had done to others and the many misfortunes that had befallen on my angelic little heart. A very creative myth was woven into my daily thought pattern and what a grievous journey it sounded to be. A failure, a wanderer without a home, a mere jellyfish being pushed around the same waves and pulled along the same current doomed for all eternity. Perhaps one could surmise that I had a touch for the dramatics...

The day finally came where I realized that I needed to pick up my perky pen and write myself a new narrative, something a little less toxic and depressing. One with opportunity, value and a change in the horizon. One where I left the cocoon of safety and stability in order to blossom into something exciting and new. A fresh narrative to tell myself as I fell asleep or awakened to in the morning. A staunch adventurer ready to leave the safety of the shallows and deep dive into new possibilities. You can't cheat failure but is simply waiting out life on the safety of the known shores a better alternative? I decided not. Instead, I embarked on a journey to create and realize my own dream; to become a full-time artist and creative with an art business named "Creatively Bijou".

Here are the first steps I have taken to open my mind and possibilities of what paths I may take in this delightful and daring life. I am in charge of what lay ahead. Partnered with my pen I shall shake off its dusty edges and allow it to create anew. Welcome to my adventures in offbeat art & design.

Here's to the future adventures we don't know are coming our way. May we laugh & groove gracefully through them or at least be able to spin a wonderful tale of my heroics & misfortunes.

Thank you for boarding this journey with me as I begin to free-dive into the world of business, art and offbeat adventures.

Cheers to what is to come!

As always,

Keep it #offbeat!



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