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Fairly subpar skier living in top notch ski town
I'm more stoked on the uphill than the down for mountain biking
Hometown questions get confusing, I grew up on either coast and in-between in Canada
Big beer fan
Loves Elephants


My humble beginnings with my interest in art began when I was a young girl around the age of five as an avid watcher of the show "art attack". My sister and I loved to try and mimic some of the easier crafts that appeared on the show. We spent many hours creating fun, often times useless, crafts that we loved to bestow upon anyone unwittingly nearby.  As I began to age my interests soon changed course to athletic pursuits and somewhere along the way I began to believe that I was an extremely incompetent artist. It was not until I entered my Grade 9 art class that my interest in art and belief in my own abilities as an artist was revived. Funnily enough it was something as simple as drawing a knotted rope that changed my life. It was the first time I completed a project with the feeling that I had created a masterpiece, though in reality it was a fairly ordinary drawing that utilized a new tool introduced to me called shading. It's amazing how one simple project could lead to a hobby that to this day gives me so much joy to create, learn and grow. So here is a peek into what lurks inside my quirky mind. A collection of strange, normal, intricate, simple, cute and quizzical ideas from every latitude of my mind to create an essence of offbeat art. 

Thank you for checking out and supporting my artwork!



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