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When I started CreativelyBijou it was on a bit of a whim and to see if maybe there was anyone out there that might like what my creative mind had to offer. I had no idea the amount of joy and fun this project would bring to my life. I find it truly amazing that people connect with the work that I have made and I am so incredibly grateful to all those who have taken the time to support me, whether it be chatting, commenting or purchasing my artwork. I want to continue to work hard at my little art business and continue to dream about becoming a full time artist. If you want to help support me along the way as I work to achieve this goal, please press the button below and follow the link to donate towards keeping CreativelyBijou going!

     As Always,

             keep it #offbeat!

local artist painting
Mountain Cabin
an acrylic painting of sunrise & sunset over mountains
Mountains in Fog
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