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Backstory: the Making of the CreativelyBijou Logo

hand drawn logo for creativelybijou art business
The finished original hand drawn version of my logo

The year was 2019 and I had just moved to Denmark to take on a new role in a cool co-working space and cafe in the heart of Copenhagen. I was excited and nervous to begin my role when life, or more pointedly covid, came in and dashed it all to bits. Instead of what was supposed to be a fantastic work experience turned into triple the quality time expected with my mom and stepdad in their cozy Danish home.

Suddenly, the time to do all the things that we had each murmured we would do if we had the time became unavoidably available. What started out with puzzles, coffee and walks in forest soon turned to hours spent transforming my sketchbook's crisp white pages to colorful whimsy. I loved it and my art seemed to be coming along much nicer than my musical attempts...

Within this unique period of time something else was created--- a zero stakes situation for creating my very own art business. The fact was, we had all this extra time on our hands to pursue our indoor passions, so it would not be abnormal to create an Instagram page dedicated to a hobby. The fear of being a "starving artist" had gone out on holiday as I was already making no income with no other viable way to make a couple of dollars on the side. Henceforth, I finally gave myself the green light to create my very own art business not out of belief but out of relief for finally having an excuse to be putting some of my art for others to see.

With this "bravado" I brainstormed on what I would name my new passion project. I knew that I wanted it to be centered around my own name because it is a name I have always loved having (thanks mom and dad!). My strategy was to simply put my name in the center of a blank sheet, circled it and started jotting down whatever came to mind. I fell in love with the name "Bijou Creative" but upon research found that had already been taken. I then remembered a cookbook that my sister really liked called "Deliciously Ella". I had always liked that title, so it inspired me to pen the name "Creatively Bijou" in hopes of joining the cute name club. Having grown up with my name it was easy to forget that it is not very common. I didn't realize how hard it would be for others to remember or wrap their heads around. In hindsight I do wish I had created something snappy and simple, easy to remember but I have stood by the mouthful thus far.

Once the name was determined I rolled up my sleeves and started brainstorming on what my logo would visually look like. I wanted it to be simple and elegant but with a personal twist. I either wanted to include my Indian or Norwegian heritage in some way. Being in Denmark at the time I decided to highlight my Viking roots. I knew I didn't want to do anything boat related as boats are not my first choice of transport. Not only did I feel like Viking helmets were overdone, but that also was the symbol for my lovely University. I was proud to have been a Vike, but I wasn't looking to create a shrine to it in the afterlife. I began to look deeper into Viking lore to try and find something fun and fresh and subtle. At last, I found their language.

norwegian runic alphabet

Viking Runes are written in "Younger Futhark" an alphabet that is easily tracked down, though questionable as far as complete reliability as there are a great deal of variants. I used one of these versions of the runic alphabet to spell my name just under the cursive "creatively". I have kept the same runic chart and use it for all of my branding. If you look at any of my webpage's, chances are you will find the title written in my younger futhark with the English translation written just below. How accurate I am I will not begin to boast but I have stuck by my chart and romanticized the fact that I may have written the same letters that my very own brutal ancestors once did too.

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