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Sunday Slowdown

Sunday has always had a little extra magic for me. As a young lass obsessed with athletics and collecting spots on sports teams like they were Pokémon, Sunday meant tournament finals. It meant a wide range of emotions were to be felt; the highest of highs as tournament champs or the lowest of valleys when that was decidedly not the case. Some of my best victories were fought on Sundays and those are the ones we will reminisce of here.

On in years, Sunday kept its magic as I become a university varsity soccer player. It took on a whole new level of importance as it was the only day of the week where true freedom reigned! There were no practices, trainings or meetings, only sweet, sweet recovery time. Our battles were fought on the field (and most likely the dance floor) on Saturday nights. They were followed by waking up in odd spots around my best friend's Cook St apartment in search of the little bits of dignity that had been flung out to the wild the night before. The slow process of memories hideously crawling into the forefront of your mind as you would try to tell yourself--"surely I did not do THAT?" Why yes young grasshopper, you unfortunately did climb a fence and rip your pants in half instead of walking easily around it. Yup, you cried in the bathroom... again. Indeed, you did eat an entire Chimichanga in two fell swoops. No matter how glorious or horrendous the night before proved to be Sunday was sacred; it meant brunch, beach walks and silly moments with friends.

These memories and moments have kept Sunday special to me, even in my advanced age of 30 something. This is why I have decided to release my weekly blog every Sunday at 10am (MST). Afterall, Sunday is for slowing down, relaxing and enjoying a leisurely read. So, please subscribe to follow along as I bumble through this journey and hopefully preserve the magic of Sunday mornings.

As always,

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