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My adventures in offbeat art & design in a Colorado ski town


Who am I? That is a secret I will gladly tell.

I am many things. I am an artist, adventurer and leisure athlete. I'm a girl from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I am a snuggle bug and an explorer. I love morning coffee and evening tea. I am extremely ordinary but uniquely me. A storm of eclectic eccentricities that play their way across a page. Sometimes visually pleasing other times visibly shit. Regardless, I love the process of creating. I love watching a blank page become something more. I am excited by the possibility of what could be. So, thank you for joining me as I share the behind the scenes, inspirations and quirky anecdotes attached to the offbeat art pieces I create.

A common question I get is "what type of art do you make?"

This is a question that has many answers. Thematically I focus on life in a ski town. I am inspired by the ski culture that surrounds me. Ski Culture is probably one of the most humorous cultures out there. The lengths people will go to get out on a powder day, to get that golden line is very admirable-- not to mention the many techniques used to carry one's skis from car to gondola. The general life and ways of the "Jerries" in town is an endless well of inspiration as well. Though ski culture is admittedly a main focus of mine I also create collections based on the beauty of the mountains as well as the badass women that surround me.

As far as what mediums I use I honestly use any medium I can get my hands on! I love to mix medias, use digital tools as well as mashup different pieces I have made at different times in my life. Any chance I get to explore I relish.

Stylistically I would say my artwork ends up being quirky, joyful and colorful. Anything goes!

Come on and explore the depths of offbeat art with me as I journey through a unique lens of life in a ski town. I am glad to have you by my side as I explore the mountainscapes found within my colorful and whimsical imagination.

As Always,

keep it offbeat!


Click the button to explore my artwork and introduce yourself in the comments below. I am so grateful to have you along for the journey!

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