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The “Original Alarmclock”

To be a mom might be a glorious thing, or so I have been told of the magical myth of motherhood. The absolute delight of watching a mini you grow into a bewitching combination of the best and worst versions of yourself and your partner. Though molding a child may be rewarding, it appears to have an inescapably early morning call time, a fact that simply would not do for this afternoon owl. So kudos to all of you who have had the courage to embark on this dawn.

The “Original Alarmclock” is a piece I made back in 2019 in honour of those voracious women who have braved the aches of childbirth and it’s early morning repercussions. Fresh in my employment at Jessup Farm Barrelhouse, a brewery that used a fierce looking fox as its emblem, combined with the exciting news of upgrading my “sister” status to that of an “aunt” I found myself excitedly doodling a pair of foxes into my sketchbook. Perhaps, even then, I knew what the morning habits of motherhood would entail: curtailing a very rambunctious child at the break of dawn. The scene that played out from my novice watercolor set was exactly that, an energetic young fox eagerly awakening its favorite playmate— its’ peaceful mother. Whether it’s a blood-curling scream, or a jump on the bed, a mother seems to find herself quickly answering that early morning wake up call. She seems to be content as a cucumber to spend a little bit of time with the most magnificent creature that has ever graced the land: her offspring.

So here is to all the mothers, namely my own, mine in-law and my sister, who have shown such amazing dedication to answering the early morning needs and cultivating the greatest qualities that we have as well as passing along some of the more unfortunate flaws to keep our lives entertaining. You are amazing, I appreciate you, love you and celebrate you and the many things you must sacrifice, fix and do. Thank you!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Mother’s Day this Sunday, if not with your mother than with a lovely morning chat at the least. Thank you for tuning in this Sunday and I hope you tune in next week for another offbeat anecdote.

As always,

Keep it offbeat!

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