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Where oh where should I create my art?

My favorite place to create artwork is in my home studio, which is non-existent in my brand new home at the moment. Perhaps the nostalgia for my crafting corner has inspired this week's offbeat anecdote, or perhaps it marched its way into my mind late last night on its own accord. Either way, there is nothing ghat compares to sitting down at my familiar desk with my army of supplies ready to march into new ideas at a moments notice, without a whisper of trepidation. The creative safe haven where I get to play around with colors, mediums and humor; a place of joyful exploration.

Now, in the absence of a creative corner I find myself reflecting on how difficult it is to create in any ole space. First, I must admit that I have always held a romantic notion about travelling as an artist, in a "create a masterpiece anywhere" state of mind. I envision myself as a sophisticated lady carrying a lovely briefcase of art supplies accessible for when inspiration or fancy knock at my door. A vision of grace in the great outdoors, or curbside table of a cute looking cafe. In reality, my personal silhouette is far less inspiring. Instead, I find myself to be a picture of the hunchback of notre dame while searching for pencils, erasers or watercolors that elude me, or smacking my forehead because I forgot a very key item to play around with artwork. Typically, this forgotten friend is a water cup, resulting in the decision-- do I try and harvest my saliva or do I simple content myself with a mere sketch?

If I haven't lost or forgotten something in the wild, then the elements are seem to decide to battle me. Wind tries to whip me up in a frenzy of annoyance as it slaps my pages around willy nily. If pages aren't whipping around in unusual patterns it's because I am making the mistake of trying to fight my foe and the wind just wins by bending all my pages into a crinkled mess. If the wind isn't whipping me, the sun is glaring at me or the bugs are loving me far too much without any respect for my desires to be left alone.

Then there comes the publicity of your vulnerable half-formed ideas and lines in the process of coming to life for all to see. Curiously usually has bystanders creating zig zagged patterns to somehow glimpse a peek of your fledgling piece. Judgements are made, good or bad, and whispers are exchanged. Blush is applied to my embarrassed cheeks as I can feel eyes wandering to my sketchbook or canvas. Thoughts of announcing, in a non-chalent way (of course), that I'm at the beginning stages and it will look much different soon enough gallop into my mind and I get the urge to make my art more of an obstacle course to view.

Now, at this point you may believe that I am an incredible recluse who avoids bringing art supplies to the light of day. This is definitely not true, I still love to bring my leather bound sketchbook out in nature to throw down some fun, creative strokes but it is hard to create a masterpiece while hunched over like a werewolf over its prey, groping for your proper tools. Whether outside in the wild, or snuggled into my tiny corner it is always fun to create, just maybe not easy to.

Thanks for reading along this week, I hope you enjoyed the little insight into where to create art and read along with me next Sunday!

As always,

Keep it offbeat!

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