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Thank you for Tuning in!

Updated: Apr 29

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you have a jovial and slow morning planned, if not that then at least I wish you a fun adventure.

This week I wanted to take the chance to say THANK YOU to those of you who have tuned in and taken the time to peruse through these quirky reads. I hope that the experience has been light and amusing and void of too much baggage.

Though I originally started this blog because a book told me to do so, I have been blown away by how much fun it has been to create. It feels like I am living a very humble version of my pre-pubescent dreams of being a writer. Who knew living up to dormant dreams could be as simple as starting a weekly blog. Perhaps I’ve set the bar alarmingly low, but hey, I’m going to enjoy it with a pat on the back.

So far I have delved into the “origin-story” of creating Creatively Bijou and the backstory of my Viking rune inspired logo. I’ve touched on the troubles of admitting dreams and aspirations to myself and another human, as well as the …growth in progress… of talking about my artwork. I’ve come to realizations that I must develop my planning and organizational skills in order to continue to see forward progression in growing my humble art business into something a little less humble. I’ve talked inspiration and backstory of a few of my collections and art pieces—it seems I have touched on a plethora of subjects already but I swear there are many more to breach!

Speaking of such—if you have any topics, any questions you’ve been as curious  as a cat to learn about, or if you would like to know more about any of my current colorful creations, please leave a comment or message me and I’ll do my best to whip up an offbeat anecdote in response.

Once again, THANK YOU for spending your Sunday mornings with me. Until next Sunday!

As always,

Keep it offbeat!

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