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The Simply Terrible Task of Moving

The sheer amount of unfinished and half formed ideas never become more glaringly obvious than when the time has arrived for you to complete a successful move. Thrust into your vision is a graveyard of brilliant projects that have collected dust during the long hibernation of being forgotten in some sot of  cozy nook or cranny. To make matters worse, each project flashes its merits as beautiful and bountiful plumes like a peacock enticing its mate. How could you possibly abandon the project now when it promises to be a masterpiece once you pick it up and complete it?

Indeed, ten such projects have come to my attention these past two days of intensive and frantic moving. If that wasn’t bad enough a dozen more potential ideas have come to mind making it impossible to downsize to an appropriate amount of stuff. Like a hoarder assessing its gold, I just cannot part with the many possibilities these wooden boards, knickknacks and canvases provide, much to the dismay of Connor.

Instead, I find myself secretly packing away each and every project, promising myself this is the summer that I will actually complete it. The colossal amount of hours required to be spent sanding and refinishing wood is quite impressive in itself, without the added hours of painting and epoxying. I might honestly confess these ambitions to continue my jungle of projects to being fantastically far fetched. Yet, each and every one of these projects has found solace and are humbly awaiting for me in my new garage to be laid to rest once again.

I suppose I could provide the argument that by keeping these assortments of goodies I am actually investing in a belief in myself to complete them. Not allowing myself to give up on my visions on the off chance I find more spare time and space to complete them. Yes—that is exactly what I have told myself each and every time I placed an item in a box...Perhaps, now that everything is at its new home I should put a deadline for completion on each project--though it would be sad to make progress and then toss the hours of commitment exhibited thus far.

Sitting in the library, writing and reflecting on these thoughts and decisions as the snow swirls in confused swaying patterns as it falls to the ground have brought to light the fact that there are now a dozen home projects that have been added to  that growing list of “to-dos”. Have I outmaneuvered my chance to declutter my life or have I shown solidarity with the “I’ll finish this” type of attitude? I supposed only time will tell.

Thank you for following along with me this week, hopefully I will have many finished projects on the horizon in my new home-- if not perhaps a Fall Cleanup will be in order.

As always,

Keep it #offbeat !

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